Export Financing

Ex-Im Bank offers products that provide export financing solutions for U.S. businesses. Three primary products are:

  • Insurance – Export Credit Insurance has two benefits: (1) it provides credit terms to foreign buyers; and (2) it protects exporters against loss should a foreign buyer or other foreign debtor default for political or commercial reasons. Insurance policies may apply to shipments to one buyer or to many. Coverage available includes comprehensive (commercial and political) credit risks or only specific political risks. The insurance covers short-term (up to 360 days) as well as medium-term (1 to 7 year) sales.
  • Working Capital Loan Guarantee – This product addresses the export financing needs of U.S. businesses producing goods and services for the U.S. export market. By offering a 90% guarantee of principal and interest to the lender for export-related working capital loans, Ex-Im Bank allows U.S. businesses to borrow greater sums against their current assets (increases their borrowing base). These loans can be both transaction specific or revolving, and there is no minimum or maximum limits on the loan amount.
  • Loan Guarantee – In cases when a foreign buyer seeks a loan to purchase U.S. made goods, and in-country loans are too expensive, Ex-Im Bank can provide a loan guarantee to a commercial lending institution to make the loan to the foreign buyer. Ex-Im Bank will guarantee up to 85% of principal and interest of the U.S. contract price.


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